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By Scott E. Duvall CHt. NLP.
Experience is life.
In talking with some of my clients I’ve found that it’s becoming progressively harder to stay relaxed, focused and optimistic in light of the current economy, and I’m reminded of a great metaphor which if I
remember correctly goes something like this” There was a manager of a large shoe manufacturing plant on the east cost of America. Wanting to expand his sales and increase his companies market share, he
hired a sales representative to go to a far off African city to see what the possible sales potential would be. After weeks and weeks of collecting data, looking at the people and their life style there, the
salesman returned home only to report that there would be little or no opportunity for sales in this city because people there just didn't’t wear shoes.  Not being the type of person to give up easily the manager
sent a different sales representative back to the same city, and after just a few short days the salesman excitedly telephoned the office manager and said, that he should quickly send lots of inventory, because
hardly anyone had the opportunity to wear shoes yet”. I love this story because it points out how we can get locked into seeing only what we expect to see.  

Because we have become locked in our own habitual pattern of perception many of us have become limited in seeing and utilizing all the resources available to us.  As human beings we perceive and
experience the world around us through one or various combination of our five senses, challenges occur when we get stuck using only one or to few of them. Most of us are ether visual or kinesthetic, however
some are auditory, with even fewer being smell or taste oriented. Understanding the way we extract information from the world outside ourselves give us a better understanding of how we communicate with
ourselves internally.  There are a variety of ways to identify your modality of perception, linguistically you can listen to the words you use to describe your life experiences, someone who says that they are
blue, or unclear, or can’t focus is most likely coming from a visual connection, while someone stating they are feeling down, or life is hard, or I just can’t get a grip on it, is coming from the kinesthetic experience
with life.  You can also gain a better understanding of where someone is coming from by watching their eye direction during a conversation, the general role is, but not always, is that for the visual person their
eyes go up when they are talking, a kinesthetic person will look down and an auditory person will look from side to side. Try this on yourself or with a person you are having a conversation with, I know you’ll get
a clearer understanding of where they are coming from.

The advantage of knowing your own modality of perception is in your own problem solving abilities, if you’re feeling stuck, or you can’t see a solution, try experiencing the situation from a alternate sensory
input, instead of trying to change the way you feel create a mental picture or a color and change it to something that looks better. If you can’t seem to see a solution give it a sound and then change the pitch
or rhythm until it sounds right to you, all of these actions create changes in the unconscious mind and create new neurological and chemical pathway to the brain giving you a more in-depth understanding of
yourself and giving you better problem solving alternatives. You can allow yourself to learn more about your own modalities of perception, as well as improving your health and well being, by reading about
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Books like Frogs to Princes or Time For a Change by Richard Bandler, are a surefire way for you to become more empowered and quickly reach any desired outcomes
you may have.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking at it differently and other times it’s finding a solution that sounds better to you, ether way your right.  
Scott E. Duvall CHt. and NLP practitioner
Baylor Study Finds Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy Minimizes Hot Flashes

With an estimated 85 percent of women experiencing hot flashes as they approach menopause, finding effective non-medication treatment is vitally important. A new Baylor University study shows hypnotic
relaxation therapy can decrease the frequency and severity of hot flashes in menopausal women, including breast cancer survivors. Interference from hot flashes, like loss of sleep and social interaction
difficulties, also decreased in the majority of women who received hypnosis.

"This study validates that this type of treatment is effective in decreasing hot flashes," said Dr. Gary Elkins, professor of psychology and Nero-science at Baylor. "There is a real need to study emerging
mind-body interactions to treating these ailments because many times medications are not an option."

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Can you imagine better health just by changing the thoughts your thinking?  Yes just by becoming aware of your thoughts and their underlying intentions we gain a better understanding of the feelings
and emotions that are created by them.  The sub-conscious mind doesn't know the difference between a real life experience and one that is vividly imagined. Both experiences producing the same Nero-
chemical reactions affecting the body and the mind.
With new found discoveries in the field of Quantum Physics, as well as research in cellular biology by Bruce Lipton Ph.D. and others, we are hearing more and more about what is being called the body mind
connection.  That our attitudes and beliefs, the way we view the world does have an effect on our physical being all the way down to the development and evolutionary changes on a cellular level. These finding
shed a new light and add credibility to the ever growing acceptance of preventative and alternative medical treatments like Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis, and Neuro linguistic programming (NLP).
Science can now prove that what we think does indeed affect the world around us and our physical bodies as well.  It’s common knowledge that stress is the leading cause of illness including high blood
pressure, cancers, heart attacks, and heart diseases, strokes, obesity, diabetes, the list goes on and on. The dictionary defines
Stress as; an applied force or system of forces that tends to strain or deform a body, a mentally or emotionally disruptive or disquieting influence, distress.
The underlying effect that stress has on an emotional level is fear, and the body’s natural response to fear is to switch into a survival mode called fight or flight. During this natural survival and defense mode the
body is flooded with adrenaline and cortical from the adrenal glands, digestion shuts down as the blood flows into the arms and legs for needed defense actions, and our conscious awareness narrows to deal
only with the task at hand to fight or run away. This reduces our ability to see alternatives and resources that help us cope and find solutions to the challenges we are experiencing.  Although at one time this
primal survival ability was a blessing and kept us from being eaten by saber tooth tigers today it takes its toll on our bodies and minds often unnecessarily.  Left unchecked stress creates a resistance in our
body’s hormone called Leptin, what Byron j. Richards, CCN in his book Mastering Leptin called the key triad of Problem, Leptin resistance, Insulin resistance, and Adrenaline resistance. This creates a wide
range of physical problems in the realm of obesity, weight gain and diabetes.   We live in a world that promotes fear, just reading the news paper or watching the nightly news on television can fill one with
anxiety, we stress over money, politics, rising children, family life, even enjoyable areas in our life promote stress like love, getting married, job competition all combining to create the cloud of destructive stress.
So what are the first steps to clearing away the beliefs, emotions, and thoughts that create fear and stress ether real or imagined?

In NLP we say that a problem well stated is a large part of the solution. We can understand and identify what we want by looking at what we don’t want and then reversing those ideas to a positive image of how
we want our life to be. Living a healthy life is about finding your own natural balance of exercise and relaxation, dietary intake, as well as mentally moving forward to goals or idea’s that keep you mentally, and
spiritually motivated and optimistic. You can also find quick and easy results from meditation, yoga, or just going for a walk, keep it simple and something you truly enjoy doing. Breathing, relaxing, and visualizing
the enjoyable outcomes and experiences of life.
As you remember what you think about the most becomes your reality you can soon see that to be true.  Many individuals have been repeating these thoughts and pattern of stress for so long that they have
become a habit or an embedded belief on the sub conscious mind and that can be a challenge to correct.  Hypnosis is an excellent way create change quickly. Hypnosis creates changes in attitude, thoughts,
and beliefs through the use of trance and suggestion. By relaxing the body we relax the mind then through the use of metaphor and creative visualization we have access to the creative sub-conscious by
passing the critical factor of the conscious mind, replacing outdated ideas and beliefs with new empowering ones.  NLP is an excellent way to connect with your own enter personal resources which helps you
see and find alternatives and solutions. NLP by definition is the study of the structure of subjective experience. The befits of the combination of hypnosis and NLP can give you the ability to relax and gain a
better understanding and awareness of your thoughts and beliefs empowering you to move toward to a more relaxed, happier, healthier life.  

For more information feel free to contact Scott E. Duvall CHt. Consulting hypnotist and NLP practitioner.   
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Full Esteem Ahead

Everyone recognizes that having confidence and a healthy self-esteem is an intricate and necessary tool to realizing their full potential.  To reach our goals in life we will want to cultivate and exercise trust in
ourselves and our minds. To create a clear vision of our target we need to define what confidence and self -esteem really is. In my research I have found that the simple and accurate definition of a healthy
self-esteem is the ability to be happy, the feeling of being worthy, deserving, entitled to assert our needs and wants and to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. As confidence is our ability to think and cope with the
challenges of life, the experience that we are appropriate to life and to the requirements of life.

The purpose of my program is to guide you to your own intuitive resources that will bring to you confidence and healthy self-esteem which is a state of being that I call spiritual confidence. By strengthening your
spiritual confidence you will enjoy experiencing the ability to trust yourself, to trust in your own mind, your mental processes. You can have the confidence to trust in your ability to learn, to judge, to decide. You
can find it easy, natural and automatic to handle all the challenges of life.
Attention New Discoveries!
Yes new discoveries in Neuron plasticity, brain science, hypnosis and meditation show us that we can, Change the mind to change the brain to
change the way we think…

Can you imagine having the abundance, love, health and lifestyle you desire, well as Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or you
think you can’t you’re right”!  Our beliefs like the captain of the ship navigate our direction throughout life, whether what we believe is true or not,
whether they were formulated by true life experiences or influenced or instilled in us by our families or society or perhaps even more surprisingly
from dreams, stories or movies that we’ve experienced in life.

Beliefs really are nothing more than neurological responses that fire habitually created by emotion, repetition of thought and action that create
generalizations about what, the why and the meaning of what we are experiencing. Almost everyone finds a great deal of comfort in knowing that
beliefs are not set in stone, they are malleable, changeable and easily influenced through the use of hypnosis, NLP and meditative practices.
By focusing our attention on changing our thoughts we can change our brain in a way that allows us to habitually think in the way that we
consciously intend to, my professor used to call this living by intention rather than by default. Through our increased ability to focus our attention,
enhanced with emotion and visualization we can create new neuron pathways which allow our intended dominant thought patterns to fire
automatically while omitting negative, outdated or dysfunctional condition thought processes giving us the ability to achieve the life, health and
abundance that we desire.

By utilizing hypnotic, NLP or meditative techniques we can bypass the critical properties of the conscious mind and connect with the more
receptive and suggestive subconscious mind. Scientific studies have proven that as the body and mind become more relaxed and as our degree
of focus becomes more narrowed and refined the receptiveness of the subconscious mind rises in its ability to take in new ideas, concepts and
learnings and when coupled with emotions which is a derivative of visualization, formulates new beliefs which create new neuron pathways that
support the delivery of our new way of thinking.
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Stop smoking with hypnosis Portland, Oregon

For many of my clients quitting smoking is easy, but starting back up is even easier. The fact is that if you’ve ever stopped smoking cigarettes for more than three days or so it’s not the nicotine that brings you
familiar way, or conditioned response of getting it.   That’s where hypnosis and NLP come in because they have been proven to be one of the most effective ways of stopping that smoking habit or any habit for
that matter, because by using either or both to become a non-smoker you come to an understanding of what those underlying needs and benefits truly are and create on the subconscious level healthy ways
to get those needs met.  For example one of my clients said that smoking helped him cope with the stresses of life, however we know in reality smoking actually stimulates the sympathetic nervous system
increasing cortical and adrenaline which escalates the stress response.  

So until you educate the subconscious mind to have healthier more beneficial ways to reduce stress it will automatically turn back to that old failure way of coping and getting that needed relief even if that old
way is outdated, dysfunctional or as in the case of many bad habits detrimental to one’s health and wellbeing.  The interesting thing to me is that we have an intuitive understanding of how to naturally reduce
stress, we generally remove ourselves from the stressful situation and automatically start breathing in and out more deeply which activates the parasympathetic response which produces what is call the
relaxation response giving us the ability to use our natural resources more efficiently. However after just a few experiences of coupling response). Because most people have multiple or stacked needed
benefits coupled with that conditioned response of smoking it makes it difficult to just quit smoking using the cold turkey approach or even using medications or patches because they don’t address the
underlying benefits that the person truly need to receive in the way hypnosis dose.  When approaching any habit change or creating new healthy habits we need to address them on the three conditioned
response levels which are emotional, physical and chemical because each have anchored triggers that activate our conditioned responses or habits on the subconscious level outside of our conscious
awareness.  Another client of mine found that they just automatically lit up a cigarette when driving in their car or when the phone rang or have you ever know that conditioned response’s can work to your
advantage as well and once you have them imprinted on your Nero-pathways they will automatically lead you in the direction of your desires. I wonder if you can imagine what it would be like to have your very
own automatic program that will allow you to have the health, wealth and happiness you deserve.  I can!

To learn more about what hypnosis and NLP can do you visit or call me Scott Duvall at 503 2384428 for a free hypnosis consultation.  
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News Letter 11-2014
Starting with the end in mind
Over the years I’ve found that the biggest obstacle that prevents my clients from reaching their goals, dreams and aspirations in life, is not having a clear vivid depiction of what it is that they are aspiring to.
Each and every one of them had the best intentions in mind however as they proceeded to move in the direction of their goals they soon ran into what I call the cloud of unknown. The cloud of unknown is
simply just that, the unknown, and as almost everyone knows the human mind and body are designed to move away from discomfort or pain and towards pleasure. For example imagine being a tobacco
smoker who wishes to stop that habit, but having had that habit for fifteen or twenty years, it means that tobacco has become an integral part of their daily life.

As they begin their journey of freeing themselves from that smoking habit, latent fears arise out of concerns of how to cope with stress, or they wondered what it would be like to get together with friends and
party without smoking or having something to do or think about while driving, the stress of change and the unknown creates discomfort. And as a subconscious resource to eradicate discomfort that person will
often rush back to what is familiar to regain that sense of comfort, even if that old way is outdated, dysfunctional or in the case of smoking or other habits people create are actually detrimental to our health
and well-being. By creating a clear and imaginative depiction of what it will be like to have successfully achieved their outcome of being a non-smoker just as if for years and years and with the imagined
experience of having overcome cravings or challenges, we erase the cloud of unknown, eliminate the fear and resistance, and free the mind to do what it’s intended to do, and that’s to expand, to grow and to

When working with professional athletes we create what’s called imagined experience, a kind of mental rehearsal, which scientific research has proven to be more effective than actually practicing physically.
For example we might have a professional basketball player come into our practice where we induce them into a light state of hypnosis and have them imagine standing on the free-throw line successfully
sinking every basket.
Hypnotism allows us to understand that the subconscious mind doesn’t recognize the difference between reality and vividly imagined experience it creates the same ideomotor response either way. A classic
example is going to the movie theater and seeing one of those love stories, where we get so emotionally and imaginatively involved in the story that we soon find yourself with that lump in the throat and tears
welling up in her eyes, not a real experience but one that tricks are bodies ideomotor response to act as if it were.
Utilizing Neuro-linguistic programming also referred to as NLP we can help our clients create a vivid and positive outcome because in NLP we have a presupposition that we start with the end in mind, and
implant that as a imagined experience into the subconscious mind which enables the client to remove that cloud of unknown, allowing them to achieve the goals, dreams and outcomes they desire easily and
For more information on what NLP and Hypnosis can do for you, feel free to visit or call Scott Duvall all at 503 238 – 4428.